Re-discovering the "Cigars of the Pharaoh"

After 'that Tintin post', I compiled this list of  Tintin albums and where you can order them from online. And then I went about ordering them and started reading them all over again. I must admit, even today the adventures of Tintin remains as fascinating as when I read them as a kid.

Of course, now I have got the years behind me and things which I would have missed then suddenly pop-out with a whole new meaning.

And it was when I was reading the Cigars of the Pharaoh that I came across these 2 gems.

Cow Vigilantism in India

As you might now, Tintin travels across the world on his numerous adventures and during his adventures he comes across  a lot of things peculiar to the country he is in. In this particular comic, he lands in India. So the comic has mentions of jungles (an elephant and tiger make appearances as well) , Rajas, fakirs, poison darts, the great Indian Rope trick, the Indian Railways and many such. And mind you this comic came out in 1934.

But one panel that caught my eye was this one where Tintin's dog Snowy has an unfortunate encounter with cow-vigilantes.

Given that it is 2018 today (84 years since the comic came out), it makes you wonder if things have only gotten worse over time!

Back from the Future?

There is this one panel where Tintin is captured by a Sheikh Patrash Pasha's men. When they take him to the Sheikh, the Sheikh claims to know of Tintin from his adventures and also shows him a copy of Tintin's comic that he owns. (talk about product placement)

Only problem being that the comic shown in the panel is the one named "Destination Moon" which came out much later in the series.

Some reading up on the Tintin website and I realised the comic shown in the panel was originally that of "Tintin in America" (which would make it chronologically accurate) and was later changed to Destination Moon in subsequent editions.
The original panel with the "Tintin in America"comic

With these interesting trivia coming my way, I guess I need to start reading more of Tintin and fast :D

For more interesting facts on Tintin's comics, go here.

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