Evaluating your physical fitness with the Mi Body Composition Scale!

With the minimal amount of physical activity combined with unhealthy eating habits, it was no surprise I was not remotely fit. How bad the situation had gotten is what was worrying me. I did have a normal weighing scale and a regular tracking of my weight showed that I was slowly and surely inching towards a century.

My slow and steady gain in mass

However, weight is just one parameter of your health. There are a number of other factors that can give you a better picture of your health. And there are advanced weighing scales that give you access to such parameters. And I, in my infinite wisdom, decided that I need to know everything about my body before I start doing anything to actually control this slide.

And it was then that Xiaomi, my favourite tech brand by a mile, announced that their smart scale will be launched in India soon. And after going out of stock almost immediately, I finally got my hands on the Xiaomi Mi Body Composition Scale on 5 April 2018. (or you can buy it on Amazon here)

And the first thing that strikes you about the scale is how minimalistically beautiful it is. It is pure white with only the sensors standing out in grey. The display is hidden from sight when not in use, and when someone stands on it, the LEDs come on, almost as if by magic. There is only a subtle MI logo on the device which tells which side is up. The build quality is very solid and the scale has very good surface grip which ensures that it doesn't slip around, even on wet surfaces.

Once you move away from the looks, and come to the business part of things, you'll see that the scale gives you access to accurate body composition statistics with "10 precise data points." It shows muscle mass, BMI, visceral fat, bone mass, body score, body fat, weight, basal metabolism, water content, and more. The technology it employs to do this is Bioelectric Impedance Analysis (BIA), which is the standard across manufacturers.

The only number displayed on the machine is the weight itself. But pair it with MiFit app and you'll be overwhelmed by the data that is available. The app itself is another beautifully designed piece of awesomeness. You'll need to link the scale to the app on your phone via Bluetooth.

Mi Fit :  Android | iOS

After pairing, you just need to stand on the scale. Once the weighing is completed, the final weight blinks a couple of times. This is followed by a series of 5 dashes lighting up sequentially which indicates the processing of other data points. Once completed, the lights steady out and the data can be accessed on the app. Do remember to switch on the Bluetooth and open the MiFit app before standing on the scales.

The app lets you enter details like your gender, age and height. It then lets you browse through the entire data in the form of a dashboard. You get to see trends for each metric and also get to set targets. The app lets you record activities and lets you pair fitness trackers for enhanced tracking.
The app uses all these data points to give you an overall score, along with ideal values for each metric.

The data

The Analysis

Another great feature is the ability is to maintain user profiles. When a person stands on the scale, the device automatically recognises who it is and updates the data accordingly. I guess this is done on the basis of the person's physical characteristics. If there are 2 persons of similar weights, I am not sure how the device will recognise the user correctly. But for now, I guess the user recognition works perfectly at my home. There is a baby weighing option as well for our little Daniel.

Our soon-to-be fit family  😊

The baby weighing screen

Overall, the Mi Body Composition Scale has been a great piece of equipment. And what makes this beautiful machine a great buying decision is the price. At INR 1,999 INR 1,799/- this is priced at the same price as some of the normal, non-smart weighing scales on the market. A BMI smart scale with comparable features and  build quality would easily cost around INR 5,000. With this device, Xiaomi has once again done what it does best - provide great quality at an unbeatable price!

Everything said and done, the toughest part of getting back in shape is not measuring yourself,  but moving your ass off the couch. It is high time I go and get some physical activity, so that I actually see some change on the app!!

Off I go on my fitness journey. Wish you all the best for your fitness journey too!!  😃

Buy it on Amazon : https://amzn.to/2O6hpEX

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