Religion and Habits

Religion has to be the biggest influence on our lives as social beings. Like it or not, religion drives many of the things we do as a society.

I have always wondered how so many religions have managed to make people do things on an on-going basis. Making them habits in the process. There are so many habits that we follow on a daily basis purely because it was based on religion. We even call  being serious about something "following it religiously"! And sadly most of these religion based habits are useless!

That thought along-with this article (about a Christian missionary college that produces graduates qualified for work in churches or faith-based nonprofits (you have a college for that??), that has made a half-marathon compulsory for all its students) made me extend my musings.

If a college can make physical activity compulsory for its students, wouldn't it be even more awesome if religion could made physical activity mandatory for its followers as part of practising religion.

Imagine the possibilities!

1) All Christians should do 10 back stretches first thing in the morning

2) All Muslims to do 10 burpees 5 times in the day

3) Every Hindu does 50 suryanamaskars every day

4) A 10 km run once a week, irrespective of religion! (you choose your "holy"day! )

5) One half-hour gym session for every 10 sins you commit!

After all they do say the body is your temple. So why not worship it!
I guess the possibilities are endless. And a year or so down the line, you'll have a much healthier and religious population!

I guess this is also why I'll never have a career as a man-of-religion!  :)

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